API Team

Tony Kamel

Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

Tony Kamel is the Chairman and CEO of API. It has been Tony’s innovative foresight that spurred the growth of the company from a small enterprise serving a few airlines at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, in 1984 to a full service Travel Management Company. API currently serves over forty five major air transportation companies on a global basis.

Tony started his career in the hotel industry after completing his formal education in Paris, France. His working experience at Trust House Forte, Sheraton and Marriott Hotels kindled his passion for customer service. Further, his belief in true professionalism, honesty and integrity set the foundation for his lofty goals, which to this day, is the hallmark and culture of the company he oversees. Tony’s inventive ideas and its successful execution have positioned him a pioneer in this very specialized international market.

In the process of realizing his vision, Tony committed API to serve its customers in managing their crew accommodations worldwide, by harnessing the power of sophisticated technology, backed by an organization comprising of highly experienced and skilled professionals. In turn, this has established API the global leader in Airline Crew Accommodation services arena.

Fred Kamel


Fred Kamel is the President of API. Fred leads all aspects of API’s expansion and the execution of the company’s strategic vision. Fred has undertaken the task to ensure that API evolves in tandem with the changing needs of the company’s customers within this very dynamic global market.

Fred is focused on the success of API’s customer’s strategic objectives as it relates to API’s turnkey solution services to the airline community. He has positioned, and currently drives the collective power of API’s technologies and services to provide the tools and solutions needed by its customers to succeed. Fred’s experience with a strong background in hotel sales and airport operations enables him to comprehend the complex challenges of Global Airline Crew Accommodation Management.

He leads the company with a visionary approach coupled by a passion to clearly understand API’s individual customer’s true needs and expectations by working together towards mutually defined objectives. He then commits the resources of the company to execute towards the agreed upon goals. Fred believes that this collaborative effort is the main criteria that will contribute to the success of API’s customers. He concludes that ultimately, it is the key to the overall success of API.

Joe Kamel

Senior Executive Vice President

Joe Kamel is Senior Executive Vice President of API. Additionally, he oversees API’s operations at JFK International Airport. Joe brings over thirty years of experience in airport operations working for major airlines both in New York and various international destinations. Joe exemplifies the essential knowledge of operations for airlines and terminal services management. He assists air carriers with hotel accommodation services by implementing programs and procedures that are significant in providing resolutions in this very challenging environment. Joe strives to understand API’s customer’s needs and expectations and consistently provides the results they seek and appreciate. Joe and his team bring the additional value added services to API’s customers to continue to provide service excellence.

Ramzi Kamel

Executive Vice President

As Executive Vice President of API, Ramzi is responsible for all standard operations of the company. He provides day to day leadership and management to all divisions within API. Ramzi’s consistent vision to best in class client satisfaction continues to ensure API maintains its position as the leader in world-wide crew accommodations management. His knowledge and expertise has allowed him to build a team of highly organized professionals that each specialize in a unique area of industry to ensure that API has the proper operational controls, reporting procedures, data analysis and training and development in place to deliver best in class operational efficiency while guaranteeing an unsurpassed experience to API’s clients.

Ramzi joined API in 1999 with a strong background in airport operations. Initially, he led the operations team and all hotel service desks at John F. Kennedy International Airport. His efforts in streamlining processes coupled with his leadership skills ensured rapid responses to the challenging environment of fast paced, last minute needs and requests of both national and international travelers. Ramzi transitioned into a Business Development and Sales role at API in 2005. His keen understanding of the detailed needs of our clients supported by a well-defined process in sourcing, negotiating, operations and technical support enabled him to achieve remarkable success throughout the Crew Accommodations Management cycle. In 2014, Ramzi was elevated to Executive Vice President to ensure the strengthening of our key service delivery systems was executed with precision. He continues to negotiate terms and conditions that promote long-term relationships between API, the airlines and our our hotel partners to make certain API’s clients are served with distinction.

To ensure the continuity of API’s service delivery commitments, Ramzi travels globally to meet, assess and convey amendments to address our client’s ever changing needs and expectations.

Ramzi is a graduate of Cleveland State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Gary D. Tucker

Senior Vice President, Account Management Services

Gary is a 34 year veteran of the hospitality industry having worked with major hotel management companies such as Interstate Hotels and Resorts, Trusthouse Forte, Sunstone, New Castle Hotels and Resorts, Universal Hotels and Inn America. During his career Gary has managed hotel properties carrying the names of some of the most recognizable brands in the hotel industry including Hilton, Sheraton and IHG as well as historic individual properties such as the Paramount and Roosevelt Hotels in New York City. Earlier in his career Gary held a senior position within API and played a significant role in our early growth. Gary recently returned to API and is heading up our Global Account Management and Sourcing departments.

Art Prifti

Senior Vice President, Information Technology (IT)

As Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Art Prifti brings more than 25 years of global leadership experience and is recognized for his ability to develop IT solutions that deliver strong ROI and operational improvements. As head of IT for API, he is responsible for infrastructure, software development and enterprise architecture. Art is focused on ensuring IT delivers competitive market advantage through superior development, support, and shared services.

Prior to joining API in 2016, Art was an executive technology consultant providing advisory services on transformational change, performance optimization and IT-business alignment. He also served as Managing Director at Moody’s Investor Services and Managing Director at GE Capital Treasury. In both capacities, he was responsible for IT transformation and delivery of strategic software solutions. Art also held senior technology management positions at Citibank, PaineWebber, AIG and The Bank of New York.

Art graduated from Fordham University with degrees in Political Science and Computer Science.

Lana Ervin-Belasco

Senior Vice President-Account Management, Operations and Airline Integrations

As Senior Vice President – Account-Management, Operations and Airline Integrations, Lana is responsible for the oversite of Account Management – Canadian Region, Operations and Airline Integrations. Lana ensures her teams are tactically focused on driving customer satisfaction and delivering the best business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible. One of Lana’s primary responsibility is to foster cross departmental collaboration between the Airline and API to ensure a smooth transition during new client implementations.

Prior to API, Lana served as Vice President of In-flight Services for North American Airlines. Throughout her twenty year tenure she led various departments including In-flight Services, Crew Scheduling, Crew Travel and Aircraft Catering. Lana also served as the lead negotiator in North American’s flight attendant collective bargaining agreement campaign.

Lana attended University of South Carolina, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, focusing on Business Management. Additionally, Lana received a Master’s of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Mercy College in New York.

Fadi Barakat

VP Finance

Fadi Barakat is the Vice President of Finance for API. He is responsible for managing all areas of API’s accounting and financial activities. As an active member of the management team, he assists in the development and implementation of company financial strategies and ensures compliance with company business plans.

Fadi also works directly with API’s clients to streamline accounting procedures and improve reporting, billing and reconciliation of hotel and ground transportation invoices. In addition he continually monitors each account to maximize tax savings and ensure exposure risks are minimized.

Fadi holds a Masters of Professional Accountancy and is a Certified Public Accountant.